CNC Milling

PGI offers high speed horizontal machining with a full contouring  4th axis to simple simple 3 axis cnc machining.  See equipment list for size capabilities.

CNC Turning

PGI’s CNC lathes vary from regular 2 axis turning to 2 axis with live tooling with 60” between centers.  See equipment list for size capablities.

Wire EDM

PGI has been building a huge variety of parts on the wire edm for almost 30 years.  PGI’s largest EDM capacity is L23.6 x W15.7 x H12.2

Painting, Plating and Machining under one roof!

PGI has it’s own in house plating company Optimum Finish Inc.  Optimum Finish capabilities include Anodizing, Chemical Conversion Coating and Electroless Nickel and more.

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PGI is a precision machining facility located in the beautiful Southwest United States in Albuquerque New Mexico.  PGI specializes in precision milling, turning, wire EDM (Electric Discharge Machine) of a vast number of conventional and exotic materials serving the aerospace and defense industries for over 49 years. Whether your needs are simple 2 axis milling /turning or complex 4 axis 3D machining PGI has the experience and equipment to tackle the most challenging jobs.  With deliveries being of up most importance, PGI has an in-house finishing shop (Optimum Finish Inc) that does chemical conversion coating, anodizing, passivation, Mil-Spec painting and more.  With the addition of Optimum Finish Inc., PGI  specializes in manufacturing products the require a variety of machining, plating, painting process combinations.